The Avalon Series

The stories of Inverness's own.
Detective James Avalon

by Peter Gray

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The First Avalon Series Completed.

The first five books of the Avalon Series are now complete with the publication of the final book, Caledonian Flame. This fifth chapter of the series went on sale November 2019 and sees Detective Inspector, James Avalon, once again working on a major case. The whole series can be purchased from Peter Gray's website at where several multi purchase deals can be found.

And what about the second series? Peter has made no secret that there are five more titles though he hasn't confirmed that there will be any more than three books in a second series. He has however, previously stated that he is working on two further projects and that Avalon is taking a back seat for now. So... it seems there is a second series planned and probably even started but we don't know how many books there are to be. For sure, we will keep you informed of the progress. For now, enjoy the last book in the first series, Caledonian Flame.

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The Avalon Series

Written in Scotland, about Scotland

Black Clan
Caledonian Flame

With plans for five books in the initial series, the author has stated that there are enough plots for at least a further three books. For more details or to purchase Peter's other books, visit his website

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The Avalon Series

The first book in the Avalon Detective Series was the 'Drums of Drumnadrochit' which did so well that a second print was underway within months of the launch. Since then the series has gone from strength to strength until now, the first series is finished.

With the five books published and on sale, the final, exciting chapter has been revealed and we now await news on the possible second series.


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With the conclusion of the first series, Peter has stated that he is working on two other projects before returning to Avalon though we do know there are at least three further stories to come. We can announce exclusively however, that the short story, The English Trip will now not be released, but it could see inclusion in the sixth book of the series.

About the Author

Peter Gray has been writing in various guises since he was twelve years old and he has never been able to stop. Many years before his introduction to a typewriter or a PC, his books and stories were hand written and some still survive, one of those found its way into paperback. His first 'Sam Series' book "A Certain Summer" has had excellent reviews, one from TV presenter and ex England soccer coach Bob Wilson who grew up in the same area and could easily identify with the characters in the book.
The sequel 'Sam's Kingdom' follows the further adventures of Sam but Peter has also produced a poetry book, 'With Feeling'.

His recent work included the celebrated 'Avalon Series' which is finding its way across the globe.
He has recently also announced another Scottish based, historical adventure series that is being called 'The Black Thistle Series'.

With many short stories, articles and celebrated Mummers Plays plus many touring productions under his belt. Peter is always busy writing something or other. He has also acted in and directed some of those productions and one such production played at Warwick Castle for six full seasons. He has also written several scripts for advertisements, mostly with a humorous theme as well as several live shows for the stage.
He now lives on the east coast of the Highlands of Scotland.

Peter Gray

Reader Reviews

Who doesn't like to get their teeth into a good crime novel? Try putting this one down! - Press and Journal.

Just finished the second book in this series, Auld Clootie. A brilliant read as was the first, Drumnadrochit!! Can't wait for the next book in this great series ! Thank you - Jane Ward

Please, please, please, can we have a third book, I love this series. - Anne Nicholls, Scotland

I have just been on vacation in Scotland, I went to see the country but ended up sitting and reading The Drums of Drumnadrochit and Auld Clootie back to back! Brilliant. - Alison Durrens, Canada.

A month ago we visited Loch Ness for holidays and we bought The Drums of Drumnadrochit at the Loch Ness Exhibition Centre. My wife read the book in only a few days, was very enthusiastic and is anxious to read new "adventures", so we would be very happy to receive a copy of Auld Clootie at my address in Germany. - Bert Zandvliet, Germany.



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